Kendal MS0809M foot spa review

After a long day of walking around, your feet will be tired and tensed. At the end of the day, they deserve a special attention that will help relieve the pain and suck away the exhaustion. In this case, what you need more than anything else is a relaxing foot massage.

There are many products in the market that can help achieve this relaxation, but the most outstanding one is the Kendal MS0809M foot spa. This is one of the most trusted foot massagers in the market that comes with exciting features designed to give your feet one of a kind treatment.

Advantages and disadvantages of Kendal MS0809M

• The Kendal MS0809M foot spa model is larger as compared to others. You can share it with other family members. 
• It comes with a drain hose that makes it easy to remove water without having to lift the basin which is pretty heavy.
• The foot spa is made of durable and temperature resistant plastic and therefore not prone to wear and tear
• The basin is deep, making it convenient to also massage the upper parts of your legs up to just below the knees.
• Comes with an infrared light that can boost blood circulation and ease the pain.

• The Kendal MS0809M foot spa doesn’t come with a thermostat. Therefore the only way to keep the temperature of the water at a constant level is by manually turning the heater off and on.
• Even when it is not filled with water, the foot spa can be cumbersome to lift.

How does Kendal MS0809M work?

The Kendal MS0809M foot spa uses electric power to operate. To use the device, you first have to fill the basin with cold water and then turn the heater on. After about five minutes, gently place your feet on the bottom of the basin to be massaged.

Your feet will rest on a roller and your Kendal MS0809M will gently massages them by continuous sprays of water jets. Oh yeah! It brings the pleasant relaxing effect. Alternatively, you can turn on the bubble mode, which will activate oxygen massaging to bring the same relaxing effect. There is also a red infrared light located at the bottom of the basin that will help promote blood circulation and ensure maximum body function.

After you are done using the foot spa, you can empty it using a drain hose on the back and clean it immediately.

Key features of Kendal MS0809M

Heating element

The foot spa has a very efficient heating element which heats cold water to the required temperature within 5 minutes. This feature makes it easy to maintain a constant temperature while you have your feet massaged.


The Kendal MS0809M foot spa comes with a basin. This basin allows you place your feet on top of rollers and jet sprays whose combined action results in a relaxing effect on the soles of your feet. The rollers will also help to ease the pain.


The casters make it easy to move the whole unit to different areas of your house. Considering that this foot spa is significantly heavier, it would be difficult to move it around without the casters.

Drain Hose

You can find drain hose on the back of the unit to ease the work of draining the basin once it is full without having to lift it.

Oxygen Bubbles Massage

To experience a pleasant oxygen massage, simply turn on the bubbles mode.

Splash Cover

Prevents water from spilling during usage. The splashing of water can, however, only occur when the basin is full.

Red Light

This is an infrared device that, according to the manufacturers, will help boost your blood circulation.
The spa also has a high-frequency message which has a relaxing effect and helps settle the impurities at the bottom of the basin.


It is clear that the Kendal MS0809M foot spa has numerous advantages as compared to other models in the market. The product comes with incredible features that make it not only a foot massaging device but also a health booster. It helps to ease pain and promote your blood circulation while providing unparalleled massage. If you are ready to feel the magic of an ultimate foot spa, Kendal MS0809M should be your priority.

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