Kendal MS0810M foot spa review

Kendal MS0810M foot spa is the best foot bath in terms of quality, efficiency, longevity, and look. You will love the elegant and beautiful design as well as the performance. This foot spa is designed to serve multiple interests. It will promote effective blood circulation, will relieve fatigue, and will also boost your metabolism. Kendal MS0810M is an all-in-one home foot spa that offers high-frequency vibration massage, heating therapy, and oxygen bubble massage. Your feet will feel relieved and relaxed. In addition, it will come with two active massage rollers to eliminate stress completely. This is made of high-quality plastic that makes it durable and high-temperature resistant.

How does Kendal MS 0810m work?  

This foot spa comes as a comprehensive machine to make the massage convenient and more comfortable. It provides rolling massage wheels, bubble massage, heated water, and water jets. Besides, you will have many improved features that can help you to choose the right setting for your use.

There are three settings, heat+bubbles, vibration+light, and heat+bubble+vibration+light. The settings are different and the effect will be different. You can also use messaging modules along the floor of your spa. If you want, you can also remove them.

You can use strong pressure if you want an intense effect. But it might be a little painful. There are also rolling heads in the middle and top of the unit. You can use them for complete relaxation. It can be effective for you if you fit size is 14 or below. But no space will be left once you keep your feet inside. Moreover, you should not expect that water will come beyond your ankles, especially when the bubble mode is on.  

To use Kendal MS0810M foot spa, first, you should start by heating the water. It will take only five minutes to warm the water. You can also use the cool water if required.  You can remove the rollers to submerge your feet completely. When the rollers will be inside, there will be little room for your feet. You can enjoy your feet soak for fifteen minutes to thirty minutes and then you can turn on any setting depending on your requirement. As mentioned earlier, three settings are there with some distinct features. If you want, you can also attach the roller to massage your feet.

The controls come with a single knob with four positions. These are off, V+L, H+B, and H+B+V+L. You need to choose the right one.

Key Features of Kendal MS0810M  

Kendal MS0810M foot spa is compact and convenient.  The construction is made of high-quality plastic to make it heat-resistant and durable. Some key features high-level vibrations, massage rollers, three unique settings, easy-to-use, oxygen bubbles, and anti-slip base. In addition to three different types of modes, there will be a PTC heating semiconductor for temperature regulation and quick heating. It weighs 5.3 pounds and needs 110-volt power at 60 Hertz. Moreover, Kendal MS0810M foot spa works without causing excessive sound. You can enjoy your foot massage without any disturbance.   Some other features of Kendal MS0810m are the improved blood circulation, safe and secure double overheating protection, and two active massage rollers to offer relaxation. The controls and operating will be easy.  

Kendal MS0810m vs MS0809m: What’s The Difference?

Both of these are the products of Kendal. In fact, both these products have received many positive reviews. Therefore, you can expect a lot of similar features. Even the design is a bit similar. Both are all in one and can improve blood circulation and can relieve the stress. The price is more or less the same.

However, you can notice a few differences. Kendal MS0810m has two active massage body rollers that can truly eliminate the fatigue. They can deeply relax your feet and can keep them healthy. But Kendal MS0809m foot spa provides self-drainage. Besides, it will work for your calves and ankles in addition to feet.  

Conclusion – Is it worth buying Kendal MS0810M foot spa?

Kendal MS0810M foot spa is incredibly easy to use. The controls are well-defined. You will not have any problem to choose the right setting. Kendal MS0810m is made of the high-quality material that will ensure the durability of the product. The plastic is able to withstand rough uses and normal wear and tear. Despite its compact design, it can fit most of the feet with size 14. Besides, there will be some safety features such as double heating protection and multi-insulation protection to prevent any accident.

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