Foot spa while pregnant – safe or not ?

What are the benefits of using a foot spa while pregnant?

The road to motherhood is filled with a captivating mix of both exciting and heart-wrenching experiences. While you might be happy that you are soon becoming a mother, you must contend with various changes to your body.

Pregnancy usually causes abrupt and dramatic physical and hormonal changes to your body, in order to accommodate the growing fetus.

You will also experience nausea, morning sickness and frequent headaches. Additionally, your feet and legs may swell excessively and become numb due to weight gain. This is where the use of a home foot spa machine comes in handy.

Is a home foot spa machine safe during pregnancy?

The simple answer is yes, but your safety depends on a number of other factors. Massaging your feet using a foot spa machine can go a long way to relieve numbness and alleviate the excessive pain that often accompanies swelling legs during pregnancy.

However, you must take into consideration the fact that foot spa machines typically massage various pressure points in your ankle, which may induce premature labor. Furthermore, most foot spa machines incorporate reflexology, which may lead to early contractions.

For these reasons, it is imperative that you opt for a foot spa bath machine that will softly pamper and sock your feet using hot water jets rather than vibrations and rollers. In essence, you should look for a foot spa that delivers light pressure. Moreover, avoid massaging your ankles to prevent complications.

What are the benefits of using a foot spa while pregnant?

Despite the few apparent risks, using a home foot spa bath while pregnant has several benefits. These include:

Alleviates the effects of edema

Edema is a condition characterized by the swelling of the feet and legs because of fluid retention. The condition normally affects individuals who are pregnant due to weight gain, especially during the last trimester. Fortunately, a foot spa massage can alleviate the symptoms of edema, leaving you feeling relaxed, calm and relieved. Furthermore, it is safe to use a spa during this period as the uterus tends to experience lesser contractions compared to the first and second trimesters.

Improves mood

Pregnant mothers often experience mood swings during the course of their pregnancy. It is not surprising that at one moment you may be happy, the next you are completely angry for no good reason. Anyway, mood swings are a normal occurrence that you can avoid by doing a foot spa massage. The machine stimulates the body releasing endorphin hormones that brighten your mood.

Fights depression

Depression is very common with pregnancy. However, you do not have to be a victim of high-stress levels as the repercussion may be harmful to your health. With this in mind, you are encouraged to relax and undergo various therapies that relieve stress. Using a foot spa bath can come in handy to fight depression. Nevertheless, you should only use it during the latter stages of your pregnancy.


What are the risks of a foot spa during pregnancy?The risks associated with a foot spa while pregnant include:

Early labor and contractions

Foot spa machines may activate various pressure points, particularly in your ankles leading to early labor. These machines use reflexology to massage the feet, and this may trigger the uterus to contract frequently, leading to induced labor.


Undergoing a heavy foot spa massage session during pregnancy can cause a miscarriage. Due to induced labor and early contractions, you may have a miscarriage and lose your baby or experience a preterm birth. With this in mind, you should massage your feet with care and light pressure to prevent complications. Furthermore, do not do it frequently to avoid taking any chances with the health of the baby. 

Take Away: This is what you need to consider

According to health experts, you should avoid using a foot spa bath machine if you are pregnant until after 37 weeks. The timing is very important if you want to avoid early contractions and any complications during labor. In essence, do not do a foot spa massage during your first trimester. You might be feeling pain and aches in your feet and legs, but it is better to hold off rather than harm or lose your baby.